“Whenever you’re selling anything you only need one qualified buyer, it’s not a popularity contest”


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There is a lot of noise in the real estate market about how to sell your home. Many agents will talk about a variety of ‘resources’ they have to sell your home.

What actually matters is:

There are certainly finer points, but these 4 elements will determine how your sale goes.

The Size Myth
There are agents and real estate agencies out there that tout size as an advantage in buying or selling a home. They make vague references to 'resources', 'inter office sales', etc. . . . Current technology makes that a myth. Access to available properties is quick, complete and universally available. In fact, we all use the same systems.

Selling Broker/Agent Value
The real value a broker/agent brings to the  sales process is managing the transaction from helping you get your home market ready to managing surveys, mortgages and other technical aspects of a real estate sale. While ensuring buyer access is a part of that, it’s not terribly complicated.

Picking the right offer is not solely about price, it’s about selecting buyers that will make a clean and certain closing. The ability to judge comes from experience - due diligence and instinct.

Access + Visibility
A large portion of the work to sell a home is done before it ever hits the market. We use a proven process and tools to ensure visibility and access to qualified buyers. This includes:

Our tools are tuned to presenting your home in the best possible light and attracting qualified buyers.

Agent Network
We use our agent network to increase awareness. Long term relationships with agents produce qualified sales opportunities.  We know who is looking for what and how to effectively talk to them.

Listing Technology
Current listing technology makes available properties universally accessible across all platforms. Leveraging social media can also contribute positive buyer attention. We use all of the current tools available to connect with your buyer.