“Better transactions are the product of clear communication & experience.”


What Clients Say
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Focusing on the business of real estate is my first priority. While buying or selling a property is personal, it’s also among the bigger single investments most people make. Getting it ‘right’ helps build long term wealth and provides a home to live in and enjoy while doing that.

Better Transactions
The hairy pre closing drama everyone has heard about or experienced . . . isn’t necessary. I help my clients have better transactions.

Strong Contracts - Better transactions are contracts that don’t leak $5000 here and $10,000 there. Better transactions are low drama sales that close on time without last minute uncertainty.
Smart Pricing - Better transactions are about buying and selling at the right price from the beginning, not struggling over time to get where you will end up anyway.
Senior Broker - Better is having a senior broker that is focused on your property directly. As opposed to an agent who works for a broker that oversees more agents than he or she can actually support.

Getting What You Want
Identifying the outcomes you really want is the key to getting them. While price is always a factor, it’s usually not everything. I take this information and structure sales or purchases to meet those requirements. Whether it is a quick sale or a particular property purchase, knowing what you want with reasonable expectations is a big part of getting it.

Clear Communication
Clear communication begins with a structured buy and sell process. While each deal is different, certain elements and actions are consistent.

Your agent or broker’s job is to manage sales and purchases for you. While there are a lot of details and moving parts that need client input, it’s my job to make that manageable. Maintaining clear communication in terms of actual information, status of contracts and expectations of particular points makes deals go smoothly.

Long Game
While I’m skilled at optimizing transactions, the long game is great relationships. The long game is about doing the right  thing for clients, it’s about being straight forward and earning repeat business.