“Real estate is one of the only investments you can live in while it builds value. "


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Buying Right
Positive real estate investments begin by buying right. That seems simple, buy at the lowest price you can right? That would be great, but it requires being prepared, having good timing and understanding your sellers. While Atlanta sellers have enjoyed an extended period of limited supply and high demand, there are still great values to be bought.

Know What You Want
Take the time to go beyond location and price range to identify features and attributes that are a must or a maybe. Also know what are absolute disqualifiers - interestingly, understanding what you don’t want or like is a big part of understanding what you do want. Knowing what you want enables a more focused search that takes less time. Also, I have the ability to show some properties before they hit the market and this makes the opportunity to present a solid offer before anyone else possible.

Be Ready

Experienced selling agents know when buyers are prepared. Those are the buyers we all want to work with. Interestingly, it’s less about expedience and more about everyone moving in the same direction.

On average real estate in the Atlanta market delivers 10.6%(?) annual return - so in terms of return on investment it beats index funds, mutual funds and the S+P 500.

What is Your $ Upside
What’s the value of the home you’re buying in 3,5 or 10 years from now? While buying a home needs to suit your daily needs, buying one with adequate upside potential is the core element to buying right.

Total Cost
I help buyers look down the road to assess upside and downside future values. Itemizing actual costs in terms of maintenance, renovations and other needs over time is relevant as well as considering future potential. See a few examples below.