“I work as an advocate to optimize real estate transactions for
my clients.”


What Clients Say
See what I've been buying and
selling for clients

Helping clients with real estate is natural for me. I enjoy it and at the risk of being immodest, I’m good at it. While everyday is not a picnic, after 30+ years I still take pleasure in helping people make great deals and see them enjoy the outcomes.

The Difference
I work as an advocate to optimize real estate transactions for my clients. I don’t worry about ‘closing deals’. My approach to real estate and client communications is friendly and straightforward.

When I understand your financial and non-financial requirements I’ll provide an assessment and a focused strategy.

I recognize the importance of compatibility, if we’re not a good fit I’ll say so.

Senior Broker Bill Ames
Bill is a senior broker who is focused on your property directly. He provides clients and agents unrestricted access for all transactions. His 30+ years of experience provide ready solutions for difficult issues.

Bill founded Ames Realty 20 years ago because he was confident there was a better way to help clients buy and sell. During that time he has applied a business driven approach to help clients acquire and build value in properties that also complement their lifestyle.

In addition to 30+ years of experience as a broker, Bill is an active real estate investor.

Bill enjoys mountain biking, multidisciplinary design and being outdoors.